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      Sales mandates

      Lair Immobilier offers you two types of sales mandate, the simple mandate and the exclusive mandate.
      The sales mandate is a contract that binds a seller (the principal) to an agent (real estate or professional agency).

      The principal instructs the agent to sell the property specified on the mandate of sale and on which must necessarily appear:

      Civil status of the seller (natural person), K-bis or other (legal person),
      Commercial stamp or name of the agent,
      Address and designation of the property
      Sale price of the property (set by the parties)
      Amount of remuneration of the proxy (expressed either as “… € uros” or “…% of the selling price”),
      Mandate’s duration,
      Condition of application and termination,

      The warrant must be dated and signed by both parties and bear a number entered in the warrant book of the real estate agency (or the professional).

      The principal simply “charges” one or more agents (real estate or professional agency) to sell his property without exclusivity.

      The principal can also contribute himself to the sale of his property.

      To note :
      Whether you choose the “Simple Mandate” or the “Exclusive Mandate” with one of our agencies Lair Real Estate network, we are committed to acting in your best interests and to make you benefit from our expertise thanks to our perfect knowledge of local market and to bring you our know-how and our good advice at the time of the signature of the pre-contract (promise or compromise of sale), in order to reach a conclusion happy and with confidence.

      The principal charges an agent of his choice (real estate or professional agency) to sell his property exclusively.

      In return for this exclusive mandate, the network of Lair Immobilier agencies undertakes:

      To propose his property in priority,
      To reserve all the most effective means of promotion to make the sale in the best conditions (website, showcases agencies, distribution on all partner sites, all advertising media, Facebook page, panel etc …),
      To make him benefit from the client file of the Lair Immobilier agencies network,
      To report to the principal of each visit,
      To keep him regularly informed of the evolution of the sale of his property.