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      Rental management.

      your property at Lair immobilier

      Lair Immobilier takes care of the rental of your property:

      parking, garage, apartment, house or property.

      What does the management of your rental include:
      – Looking for a solvent tenant and setting it up
      – The drafting of the lease
      – State of entry and exit

      Be serene, trust the Lair Immobilier network.

      Tenancy mandate

      What is the lease term?

      The tenancy agreement commits the agency to the owner regarding the search for a new lease.

      This mission also includes the drafting of the lease, and the obligation to provide the tenant with all the required diagnostics, but also to proceed with the inventory of fixtures, the handing over of the keys.

      Unlike the management mandate (which you can subscribe at the same time or after), the agency does not take care of the property during the rental period. It is the responsibility of the owner all the administrative part as well as the answers to bring to the tenant in case of damage or others.

      Rental management mandate

      What does rent management mandate mean?

      I am owner, I wish to rent my property but I have little time to take care of it and if I am objective all that paperwork bother me …

      The agency with whom you sign a rental management mandate takes care of everything for you, guarantee of peace and time saving while collecting the rents of your property.


      Why do you decide?

      • Rental management often responds to a choice of tranquility and ease.
      • Managing with your tenant repairs your apartment takes too much time.
      • You tend to forget the revision date for your rent.
      • You want to delegate the accounting tasks to a specialist.
      • Rental management may particularly interest owners who are geographically distant from the rented accommodation.

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